• July 11, 2018

St.Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout 2018

St.Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout 2018

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On 21st June 2018 Ultimo Constructions’ owner Angelo Rossi joined CEO’s across Australia in the Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout to raise awareness and funds for those who experience homelessness. Leaders in business, community and government spent a night experiencing what so many Australians do, an estimated 116,000 this year; a cold night on the streets, without shelter.

Annually the fundraising event attracts over 1,800 business leaders to take part in events held at eleven locations across Australia; raising national awareness of a very local problem. From 2011 to 2016 homelessness rates increased by over 20%; a very saddening statistic.

The team at St. Vinnies provide essential care for Australia’s homeless population, providing food, hygiene products, education, job assistance and relocation to those who are in need. In 2017 participants raised over $5.6million equating to 1.9M individual support programs, almost 700,000 beds and 1.5M meals. We’re very proud to say that Angelo has raised over $4,500 for the charity, contributing to the charities 2018 efforts and the aim to reach a target of $6.4million this year.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that over 116,000 Australians are experiencing homelessness every year. Of these, 60% are under 35, 44% are women and 13% are under 12 years old. Western Australia’s efforts last year provided the following services to our homeless population;

  • 375 safe nights of sleep for people in need through our direct homelessness services.
  • Offered 276 nights of emergency accommodation to people who have called us in a crisis.
  • Provided 3,453 nights of accommodation for individuals living with a severe mental illness who would otherwise find themselves without shelter.
  • Helped 1,335 people at risk of eviction remain in their homes and get their circumstances back on track.
  • Allowed 315 young people access essential support services through operation of two resource centres.
  • Provided 844 safe nights of sleep to young people who are at risk or experiencing homelessness in our youth specific housing.

After a cold night Angelo was grateful to return to a comfy home and warm meal with his family, something homeless people across Australia are not as fortunate to receive. “The experience was a real eye-opener, and the realisation that today in 2018 men, women and children are experiencing night after night of cold, hard floors and little food was extremely upsetting. It was a very long night, and I was glad to return home to warmth, a hot shower and a cooked meal; a reality not experienced by so many in need”.

Homelessness is a very real problem for Australia and one that can be prevented through education and the correct support from teams like St. Vinnies. We are so proud of Angelo making a stand and fundraising for such a great cause. “A home is a right, not a privilege” and we couldn’t agree more.

If you would like to donate, or to find out more about the CEO sleepout, visit the link here – https://www.ceosleepout.org.au/about-ceo-sleepout.

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