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Getting Started – How to Get the Best Quote for Your Build

You’ve decided you want to build your dream home or development, which is great. However, if this is your first building project, it’s important to know what you need to get started on your journey, which includes the all-important quote, and understanding the inclusions so everything is covered.

Items which should ALWAYS be included in a quote

When receiving a building quote, it’s important to opt for a turnkey product where possible. This means everything is included in your home including flooring, wall painting, landscaping, window furnishings and paving.

Pay attention to what’s included in the property itself and other finer details which can include finishing items such as clothes lines, antennas, letterboxes etc. Items as such can be overlooked when you are obtaining quotes, which can cause unnecessary stress down the track when you realise you require further items to complete your build which comes at an additional cost. By including everything at the beginning stages, you’ll know how much everything costs, eliminating surprises.

At Ultimo, we quote with transparency which means everything is itemised on your quote so it’s simply and easy to understand.

Why is it important to have everything in your quote up front?

One of the most important reasons is from a finance perspective. If you’re obtaining finance for a build, the lender will want to know how much everything is going to cost when you are applying for the loan. If you decide to add items halfway through your build, it’ll be unlikely the lender will provide additional finance for you which will either leave you dipping into your savings or unfortunately, leave you high and dry. So knowing what everything will cost up front and including everything in your quote is really important when it comes to lending.

How do people know that everything is included?

If you’re not familiar with building homes, it can be easy to overlook items which are important to your build. This is why it’s important to work with a builder you can trust, who has a Project Manager guiding clients transparently through this process, so they can have peace of mind knowing exactly what will be included in their build. Remember to ask questions about every line item in your quote so you have a thorough understanding of expectations from the beginning and no surprises halfway through the building process.

What should you look out for when comparing quotes?

If you’re spreadsheet savvy, then create a spreadsheet with every line item on all quotes as a starting point. Go through every line item and ensure all quotes have exactly the same items (brands may be different).

A detailed quote may look more expensive to begin with, however using the method above to compare will provide you with detailed information about each quote and you’ll then be able to see if one builder has included more items and if other quotes may be missing items and need to be added. You can then ask each builder more questions on the line items and inclusions. The most important thing to remember when comparing quotes is that every builder has different inclusions, products, brands and methods of presenting their quotes, so it is really important you are able to break each quote down line by line to be able to compare ‘apples with apples’.

This blog has outlined some main points regarding building quotes, but there is plenty of other information available on this topic, on our Let’s Talk Building podcast, which is now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

At Ultimo Constructions, we pride ourselves on being a small builder you can trust, providing transparency with our quotes and your building journey from start to finish. Follow the link here for more reasons as to why you should choose Ultimo Constructions as your building partner or contact our team today to get started with your obligation-free initial consultation.

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