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At Ultimo Constructions, we take care of all your interior design needs

Bringing a design vision to reality can cause a lot of stress, especially if you don’t know where to start.

When choosing Ultimo Constructions, you have access to our U-Studio, a custom designed space to ensure all your selections are a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Ultimo Constructions also has our very own in-house interior designer who is available to provide advice on the latest tips and trends, ensuring your new home or renovation project conveys your style and vision.

Creating dream homes for others, whether in custom builds or existing property, is an interior designers’ passion and more importantly, they are experts in providing the ‘wow’ factor for properties and making your design dreams a reality.

When choosing Ultimo Constructions for your building or renovation journey, you will have access to the support and guidance of our Interior Designer, who can assist in eliminating the stress and anxiety of your design project.

In addition, they will offer you a professional view on making the most out of your available space, optimizing the functionality and beauty of the home as well as saving you money in the process.

They have access to Trade Pricing

Working with Ultimo’s Interior Designer means accessing trade discounts to provide competitive pricing to suit your budget and comfort requirements.

Special pricing can apply to anything for the home including fittings and furniture as well as appliances and décor.

Having access to these competitive prices not only helps you from spending your own money on products which could be lacking in quality, your selected items will be timeless and expertly selected by a professional.

Interior designers have the expertise to prevent (very) expensive mistakes

Fixing a preventable mistake can easily blow a budget but thankfully the margin of error is significantly reduced when working with our Interior Designer, as they will be able to recognize potential errors before it’s too late and will be looking after your project design needs from the very beginning of your building or renovation journey.

They help to eliminate the stress

No matter if you’re building your dream home from the ground up, or renovating rooms in your existing home, the project management aspect of designing the space can provide added pressure.

The good news is, Ultimo’s Interior Designer will oversee all the project requirements and ensure everything runs smoothly, by liaising with suppliers on your behalf.

They can maximise your investment

Lastly, and most importantly, is the increase in re-sale value when working with an Interior Designer. Trained to look ahead, our Interior Designer will always ensure a timeless aesthetic is applied to your property project rather than a specific concept which could become outdated quickly.

Having a visually pleasing home can increase the resale value, should you wish to sell later down the track.

When you choose to build or renovate with Ultimo Constructions, you will enjoy a complimentary interior design consultation as part of your journey.

Contact us today to arrange your obligation-free initial consultation.

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